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POLISH COURSES FOR FOREIGNERS - Polski dla obcokrajowców Warszawa
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If you wish to learn the Polish language quickly and in a professional way – you have found the right place! With the direct methods of teaching and with our team of qualified teachers your Polish course at Peritus School will be nothing but real pleasure.

We offer group and individual classes on 3 levels:

► elementary
► intermediate

the cost of lessons is:

● PLN 15 per lesson / PLN 240 per month (16 lessons) in a group of 7-10 students
● PLN 20 per lesson / PLN 320 per month (16 lessons) in a group of 4-6 students
● PLN 12 per lesson / PLN 432 per month (24 lessons)for the intensive course 3x2 in a week

The suggested freuency of meetings is 2 meetings per week, 2 50-minute lessons in each. Our school uses the teachers' circulation technique, so the students in one course have classes with different teachers which prevents boredom and gives the chance to get to know the different accents of Polish during the classes.

We also offer tailor made individual classes:

► in-school classes – at our central branch at Zgoda 5 - PLN 65 per 1 lesson
► flying teacher classes -  PLN 75 per 1 lesson

Apart from the direct method classes we offer lessons that wil meet your specific requirements: business lessons, lessons in phonetics, lessons on Polish grammar, free conversations, etc. with the cost of

● PLN 70 per 1 lesson the in – school option
● PLN 80 per lesson the flying teacher option

You can make an appointment and we will advise you about your level of Polish and analyse your individual needs in detail. You are also welcome to take the placement test on our website ...www.

Polish for Foreigners - Learn in Warsaw | Polish Courses Warsaw | Polish Courses in Warsaw | Polish courses groups | Polish courses individuals | Polish lessons in Warsaw